David Kefford


TV Painting, 2009

Listasafn Íslands/Safn Ásgríms Jónssonar – National Gallery/Ásgrímur Jónsson Collection

12. – 19. April 2015


David Kefford’s work engages, through simple actions and playful gestures, with human related objects and materials in a particular space and time. Much of his work is site-generated, contingent and fragile, which reflects his interest in the awkward and precarious status of his artistic persona and related objects used to stage an event.

Kefford is interested in the intersection between the private making process and a public outcome and how these can potentially coalesce through a ‘live(d)’ experience. His practice continually seeks new physical spaces, media space or the space between bodies and events for production and presentation and how they are affected by new spatial conditions. It is the role of improvised play in the act of making sculpture within a social context that best embodies his practice – a fluid process of continual becoming, a ‘cause and effect’ of performative actions.


Kefford currently lives and works in Cambridge, UK.

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David Kefford