Kristinn G. Harðarson in his studio.


Kristinn Guðbrandur Harðarson (b. 1955) has been selected as the biennial’s honorary artist, and has been active in the Icelandic art scene for decades. In his works a personal and poetic processing of the artist's close environment is positioned within various mediums including texts, embroidery, sculpture, wall mural, cartoons and performances. Kristinn’s solo exhibition will be presented at Ásmundarsalur, and an artist book introduced at the same time will serve as its own independent exhibition space.

Heimurinn á fleygiferð, 2017. Wallpainting. (exhibition Listaverkasalan, Reykjavík)

Útsaumur, 1987-88. Embroidery and colour.

Untitled, 1993-97. Oil on canvas.

Some concrete steps were being made up to the front door of the house. The gravel was brought in by tractor and the concrete was stirred in a cement mixer. The elder boy on the farm - he might be seven years old - readily helped, holding the wheelbarrow and the wheel of the mixer. When the job was finished, someone left a screwdriver stuck in the fencepost.