Sequences | reykjavik | 6–15 October 2017
Ragnheiður Gestsdóttir (IS)

Ragnheiður Gestsdóttir (IS)

  • Loco Motion
  • The order of things, 2012 (video still)
  • The order of things, 2012 (video still)
  • Black Mayonnaise, 2011 (video still)
  • Joan I, 2011 (video still)
  • Joan II, 2011 (video still)
  • As if We Existed, 2010 (video still)
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Loco Motion

Reykjavík Sculpture Association

6-14 April

Gestsdóttir lives in Reykjavík where she was born in 1975. Her education includes an MFA in fine arts from Bard College (2012) and an MA in visual anthropology from Goldsmiths College (2001).



A visual artist and independent filmmaker, Gestsdóttir, works mainly with film, video and installations. Focusing on ideas of knowledge, language and perception her artwork playfully explores systems and power structures in our culture. It merges the poetic and the absurd, oftentimes reflecting on her background in visual anthropology. In her cinematic work she seeks to expand and explore forms of representation in film. In her installation for Sequences Gestsdóttir will attempt to unravel the mindboggling mystery of time and place.