Sequences | reykjavik | 6–15 October 2017
Magnús Sigurðarson (IS)

Magnús Sigurðarson (IS)

  • I Am Thinking about It, 2010
  • The Artist will be present but rotating, video stills, MoCA, N Miami 2012
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I am thinking about it

Hótel Holt

7-14 April

Born in 1966 in Reykjavík, he currently lives in Miami, USA. He attended the Icelandic College of Arts and Crafts, and Rutgers University, New Jersey.



Different places around the world where Sigurðarson has travelled and lived have left their residues in his work. Faced with new surroundings, he has arbitrarily chosen a standpoint and scrutinized the layers that compose the identity of the place at hand; visual culture, clichés, traditions and history. This evenhanded interaction of an individual with his environment has been a steady undercurrent in Sigurðarson’s work. This simple video shows him in the role of a television host, shifting eye contact with different cameras as he announces distinct things that he is thinking about at that given moment.