Sequences | reykjavik | 6–15 October 2017
Erla Silfá Þorgrímsdóttir (NO)

Erla Silfá Þorgrímsdóttir (NO)

  • Can't hear my eyes: Bootleg. Bio Rio in Stockholm. Photo: Shaon Chakraborty
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Passion Hymns: Bootleg

Bíó Paradís

6 April 16.30, 10 April 19.30, 13 April 17.30

Born 1983 in Siglufjörður, Iceland, Þorgrímsdóttir studied at Glasgow School of Art, Iceland Academy of the Arts and finished her Master in Fine Art at Konstfack in Stockholm. Since 2011 she is a member of the international F.U.M.F Art Collective. A Norwegian with an Icelandic heart, as she puts it, she lives in Stockholm and Oslo.



There is a frenzy of noise and clamor surrounding our paths of everyday movement. Listening carefully to this can reveal a multitude of voices that manifest narratives, dreams, hope, despair and real experiences of lived life. Þorgrímsdóttir, who recently graduated at Konstfack in Stockholm, is with her Bootleg-series navigating through shopping centers, public transport, bars, cafés and so on in search of these narratives; scenes of spaces that is regarded as public but where the “publicness” is threatened through privatization and surveillance. The politics of a space dictates the configuration of the narratives told and ultimately shape our dreams, hope, despair… Passion Hymns: Bootleg is recorded segments from the public life of Reykjavik, edited together into a composition of “dark cinema”. As the passion pit was disguised as a drive-in cinema, the noise of public life conceal hymns of passion.