Sequences | reykjavik | 6–15 October 2017
Curver Thoroddsen (IS)

Curver Thoroddsen (IS)

  • The Family Quintet, 2011
  • I Can Say I'm Sorry, 2010
  • The Slump, 2010
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Archival processing

Dwarf Gallery

12-14 April

Born in 1976, Curver completed his postgraduate studies in SVA in New York in 2009. Alongside his artistic practice, he has been active as a musician and music producer, in recent years as one of the progressive duo, Ghostigital. He lives in Reykjavík.




Curver has projected his own everyday life onto his reality performances; moving into a new apartment, eating hamburgers or going on a diet. The real world as it appears to most of us acquires new meaning when transferred to the realm of art and media. Furthermore, Curver has painstakingly manipulated his own identity, as shown in the decision to eliminate his given name, taking up instead the brand name of the international plastic manufacturer, ‘Curver’. His sound piece consists of an explicit, one-month documentation of a daily routine that we all know, but go to great lengths to keep private.